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It been many years since we graduated from University of Moratuwa. UoM has changed a lot. We have lost touch with many of our batchmates, seniors and juniors.

To facilitate us renewing those links and to experience UoM today, Alumni Association is organizing an event - Back2mora, on the 02nd July 2017 from 2 pm -10 pm at University of Moratuwa. Let's play some cricket and other sports, sing a song and have fun. We will be arranging multiple educational and fun events for your children as well. Please keep the day free to get reunify at UoM.

In order to arrange for the logistics many of the events would be through prior registration. If you plan to come on the 28th May, for us to send you more info please register at the following link.

The event had earlier been scheduled to be held on 28th May and was postponed due to disaster situation in the country occurred with adverse weather nearing this date. If you had registered for this event earlier, there is no requirement register again.

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Please note that registration ends on Friday the 30th June Midnight

Car passes issued for 28th May will remain valid for the new date.

We look forward to seeing all our past graduates and members of staff (present and past) with their families on Sunday the 02nd July 2017 at the University of Moratuwa. Come with your family. Below are some of the things in line for you.

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Register Now

Please note that all registrations ends on Friday the 30th Midnight

We would appreciate it very much if you would circulate this to other UoM friends as well.

Event Agenda